A portfolio of Susan Fornoff’s work samples

Image of work samples

I’d be a pack rat if I had saved all of my work samples since the day I first began working for the Baltimore News-American. But there’s a large enough portfolio of Susan Fornoff’s work samples, print to digital and tiny to lengthy, that I have divided them into two primary categories, content and publishing.

The content page contains a wide range of my writing and writing credits, with links to the pieces that seem most representative of the kind of writing and the kinds of topics that might interest a client or editor.

So if you’re looking for writing services, please visit the content page.

The publishing page contains a few of those pieces as well. But here’s what distinguishes the pieces on the publishing page: In every case I either led the publishing process from start to finish or supervised a review of an existing publication or draft, perhaps including photo editing as well as some layout or design.

So if you’re looking for a multi-tasking writer, editor, publisher, social media director and PR rep, please visit the publishing page.

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