How your course can attract more women golfers

When Parks & Rec Business Magazine invited me to make recommendations to courses seeking more women golfers, I could not resist the opportunity.

Here’s the article, with 10 tips ranging in cost from free to not really that expensive. Check it out, and please let me know what you think I missed.

As a journalist and publisher of a women’s golf magazine and website, I evaluate and write about golf courses with a perspective completely different from that of the major men’s publications. They typically discuss the back tees, the cart girl, and the practice facilities. Meanwhile, I talk about the forward tees, the wine list, and the restroom facilities.

Do women represent at least 20 percent of your golfers? If not, you are failing to capture your fair share of an influential segment of the market. And if you don’t know the answer to that question, create a tracking system to do so. If so, congratulate yourself and see if you can use a few new ideas to raise your numbers even higher.


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