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I become a specialist in whatever topic on which I am assigned or for which a client needs work. These have included, to name just a broadly ranging few: ADD and ADHD, baseball, real estate, art, wine, design, golf courses, food, retail, China’s economy, fitness, nutrition, fashion, travel, resorts, green and environmental topics, HUD, education, architecture, law, advertising and profiles on people in all walks of life.

They say variety is the spice of life, so I must love spice.

The following writing samples are organized by content type, not by topic or date. If you’re looking for custom publishing samples, some of these also qualify but you can find a more focused list on the custom publishing page. You may notice that many of the links connect to the site of Blue Coast Media Group, of which I am a writing, editing and publishing partner.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Penney-Missouri honor-award feature: The Little House That Roared (architecture, real estate, consumer)

AWOL: The economy is coming back, but the people who populate office space are not (The Institutional Real Estate Letter, June 2013)

Ticket for One, to the Island of Kauai (American Lifestyle, 2010)

Golf Writers Association of America award for event coverage: On Pins and Needles (June 20, 1998, San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner)

The Age of Denial (report on aging at home)

Architectural Fidelity Keeps a Circle Unbroken (design, architecture, feature)

When the Love of Your Life is 150 Years Old (architecture, design, feature)

Piling on the Linens (product, consumer, home, feature)

Attack of the Killer Furniture (report on toxicity of furniture)

Real vs. Fake – Which Tree is Greener? (green, environment, consumer, feature)

If These Walls Could Talk (architecture, design, history, show house, feature)

An Old San Francisco Dowry Gives On (history, auctions, feature)

These Days, Mud Comes at Bargain Prices (travel, resort, spa, feature)

Sometimes it Pays to Reach for the Stars (travel, resort, spa, feature)

A Plate Full of Southern Hospitality (travel, food, feature)

When the Golfing Gets Tough, the Tough Go Back for More (travel, golf, feature)

The Time is Now for Golf Lovers at Lake Tahoe (travel, golf)

Livermore Valley, a Perfect Winter Day Trip (travel, wine, golf)

Real Grass Isn’t Always Greener (golf, product, real estate)

San Francisco Chronicle archive of more than 1,000 bylined articles 1994-2009


The MBA Heard ‘Round the World: Alumnus of the Year Matt Gillam turned his GGU project into a $90 million company (and other profiles, GGU alumni magazine, Fall 2012)

Nice Guys Finish First: Doing the right thing for clients pays off for alumnus Joel Isaacson (and other profiles, GGU alumni magazine, Fall 2013)

Outstanding Grads (brief profiles and sidebar, GGU alumn magazine, Summer 2012)

When Hide-and-Seek Beats Bargain Hunting (individual profile, shopping)

Delaney’s Delight (individual profile, gardening)

Raise Your Manhattan: Marie Walsky is 100 (personal profile, biography, life story)

Blog posts and website articles

Jose Canseco and the Quest for Forgiveness (profile, column for Cauldron/SO)

You Don’t Need a Workout Room, Just a Well-Trained Home (blog post for Houzz, health, fitness, design)

You Know You Should Play Business Golf — But How? A Few Tips (guest blog post for GolfGal, business, golf)

Press releases

PWGA Poll: Haggin Oaks Named NorCal’s Top Women-Friendly Public Golf Course

The Ultimate Gift for the Elegant Golfer: Gemspot’s Jeweled Putter

Build a Safer Snowboard (inventions, technology, design)

Launch of AGA         

Opening of Pedro’s Cantina (food, restaurants, design, architecture)

Longest Golf Ball Contest (golf, technology, inventions)

AmateurGolf.com 10 Years (golf, internet, business)


2013 First Tee Newsletter (year-end fundraiser)

GottaGoGolf May 2015 eNewsletter (Constant Contact)

Fall 2015 Women’s Golf Alliance

GottaGoGolf November 2015 eNewsletter (Constant Contact)


BlueCoastMediaGroup.com (WordPress site plan, creation and content: professional marketing and writing services)
GottaGoGolf Magazine (WordPress site plan. creation and content: women’s golf)
HerGolfStuff (WordPress site plan, creation and content: golf product reviews)
Alternative Golf Association
(SocialGo site plan, copy: golf, startup), Intotally (WordPress site content: technology, startup)

Digital magazines

Western Publishing Association, finalist, Best Digital Edition: GottaGoGolf Magazine (July 2011)

Other issues of GottaGoGolf


Confessions of a Golf Slut (2013)
Northern California Golf Getaways (2001)
“Lady in the Locker Room” (1993, updated 2014)

Slogans, logos and miscellaneous marketing materials

Pacific Women’s Golf Association “Better Than a Book Club” campaign: slogan and concept,  magnet, brochure

SusanFornoff.com logo

BlueCoastMediaGroup.com logo and companion marketing materials

All display copy, including titles and headings, at BlueCoastMediaGroup.com, GottaGoGolf.com and SusanFornoff.com

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